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Bruce Benedict, the owner of Battlefield Résumés, LLC developed the Battlefield Résumé Methodology (BRM) to help veterans and transitioning military, as well as those who help them, easily translate military experience (aka: Battlefield Résumé) into civilian language. Bruce, like you, is a veteran and knows that veterans have the drive, motivation, and energy to transition successfully and obtain civilian employment. The BRM helps veterans, employers, and career counselors tailor and target the veteran's Battlefield Résumé (military experience) in an efficient and effective way to ensure their time is productively spent. By using the BRM, Bruce has deciphered the military language and cracked the code on military-to-civilian employment. By leverages military doctrine and strategy, he has created an easily understandable and relatable system that will help lessen the anxiety and stress when transitioning Battlefield Résumés into the civilian workforce.
Bruce is a retired US Army Major with a commission from OCS. He also served over 6 yrs as a DoD GS-15 Hiring Manager. He is a Certified Résumé Writer and a Certified Coach, Speaker, and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. As a Retired U.S. Army Major, Defense Contractor, and a previous Federal Government GS15, he collectively has over 27 years of military, federal government and defense contracting experience. 
Bruce was born to serve. Always knowing military service was his calling, Bruce initially signed up for military service via the Delayed Entry Program in his Junior year of High School. Two days after graduating High School, Bruce entered the U.S. Army as a Private/E1. In 1996, as a SSG/E6, he graduated from Officer Candidate School (OCS), Fort Benning, GA, where he was commissioned as a 2LT/01 and retired as a MAJOR/O4 after 21 years of proud military service. Throughout his 21-year career, he served in Germany, Panama, Japan and numerous locations throughout the U.S. He deployed four times to the Middle East, proudly serving in Bahrain, Iraq, Afghanistan and Qatar. In 2007, he retired from Active Duty as a MAJOR/O4 and transitioned to a senior intelligence consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton. In 2009, he transitioned to the Federal Government, becoming a GS14. In 2011, he was promoted to GS15. In this position, Bruce became the Hiring Manager for the entire organization, where he wrote Federal Government position descriptions and vacancy announcements for all positions while leading hundreds of interview panels and hiring hundreds of Federal Government employees. Similarly, he reviewed thousands of defense contractor resumes against multiple defense contract statements of work (SOW), ensuring that only the highest qualified employees were hired.  
Bruce knows how it feels to transition out of the military and into the Civilian Workforce. Learn from his mistakes so you don't make the same mistakes as he did. Save time and focus your time productively by learning from Bruce's experiences.
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