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"Bruce Benedict is an absolute guru in the federal job search process. He is my "go to" person whenever someone asks me for advice regarding federal employment. Highly recommend!" 
Carl Savino, President, Corporate Gray

"Bruce Benedict to me is one of the most trusted names assisting transitioning veterans and technology professionals upgrade their personal profiles and resumes to further advance their respective careers. He is intelligent and filled with years of experience to aid experienced professionals upgrade their current careers to take them to the next level. He has spoken at many of my TECHEXPO Hiring Events and has always received great reviews. His books are also a great source of information!"  
Bradford Rand, CEO at TECHEXPO, Cyber Security Summit, Luxury Technology Show & RAND Luxury

"Bruce and Battlefield Resumes did a superior job assisting me with the finer points of my resume while going through my transition to civilian life. Their understanding of the military, military specialties, the translation from military to civilian lingo, the federal resume, and insights to the Human Resources hiring processes really helped in my resume preparation, making it a superior product for my potential employer." 
S. Martyak (U.S. Army)

"I would recommend Battlefield Résumés to anyone looking to hire veterans! Battlefield Résumés has worked with TECHEXPO for years and comes highly recommended. Bruce, President of Battlefield Résumés, LLC, has conducted federal and defense contractor employment workshops and Corporate Recruiter seminars for TECHEXPO on many occasions. Battlefield Résumés is our "go-to company" when helping corporations hire highly-qualified and experienced veterans." 
Eric Mendel, Sales Manager at TECHEXPO Top Secret & Cyber Security Summit

"As a senior executive with the Department of the Navy, I thought that I would see substantial interest in my background when applying for positions post retirement.  I must have forwarded my resume to dozens of companies with little or no response beyond a basic acknowledgement of receipt.  It wasn't until I was introduced to Bruce and asked for his help with my resume that I was finally able to break the code on highlighting professional attributes that would trigger commercial industry interest.  Within two weeks of receiving assistance from Bruce, I was given my first job offer and have received two additional offers since then.  What a difference Bruce's professional resume service has made for me in this challenging job market." 
J. McCoy (SES, NCIS, Retired, Federal Job Series 1811)

"Bruce, in my last 20 years I have experienced the shoddy and untrue evaluation of my Resume from several of the self-proclaimed resume experts. I have also received varying levels of disinformation from many of these expert sites. When I dealt with Bruce I dealt directly with the person who was assisting me and it did not include the machine generated review, and a lot of fluff. Bruce took a personal interest in my success and spent the time needed to understand me and my skills. The resume was written with collaboration and with great care. That in and of its self was a great pleasure. We are all very busy and we all want results not a lot of hot air. That said if you want to market yourself with effective implementation; and, where you know you will get the results you desire- then use Bruce. There is a lot riding on an effective resume and you need peace of mind and an outcome that is positive, that is what you will get from this service. I know I did. Bruce I really cannot thank you enough for assisting me in getting the job I wanted."
J.E. McDougal (Special Forces CSM, US Army, Retired)

"I whole heartedly encourage every Counterintelligence (CI) and Human Intelligence (HUMINT) professional to use Mr. Bruce Benedict’s resume service. As a retiring CI and HUMINT Office in the U.S. Army, I asked Mr. Benedict to develop two resumes: one resume highlighted my management experience and the other resume highlighted my CI and HUMINT experience.  Mr. Benedict was able to take my military career, extract my management and technical capabilities, and create both of my requested resumes in a timely manner.  In addition, Mr. Benedict helped craft my resumes to specific position descriptions. Due to Mr. Benedict’s assistance, I have had several companies contact me for job opportunities. I would definitely work with Mr. Benedict in the future and I highly recommend any CI and HUMINT professional using his resume writing service."
A. Sullinger (MAJOR/0-4, US Army, Retired, CI / HUMINT)

“Every time I need to update my resume or I'm going to apply for a job announcement I contract Bruce because he is truly the best in this field. Not only the resume is well written, but Bruce's knowledge of what the hiring officials are looking for in a resume shines him from the rest. Because of his expertise, I'm now enjoying a better position in my career."
Jonathan B. (Federal Job Series 1896, Customs and Boarder Patrol Agent)

"I have known and worked with Bruce for over fifteen years; we worked together while both on active duty. I’ve always known the professional he was and still is. I am extremely delighted with the work Bruce did with my resume. During this process he  was always the respectful, friendly and true professional I’ve always known. Battlefield Resumes LLC., is a kind of company we as Veteran’s need to assist us in preparing for our transition to the civilian job sector. What a great combination, a company run by a Veteran who understands the military terminology and military occupational skills. Thank you Bruce for assisting me in translating my military career into terminology the civilian sector understands!"
Rosa S. (SGM, US Army, Retired, CI / HUMINT)

"It's nice to know that there are people who take their own personal time to help you achieve your dreams. In this case I want to acknowledge, for his help, Bruce. Bruce made improvements to my resume and prepared me for my interview. During this process he was respectful, friendly and very professional. He kept in touch with me before, during and after each interview. I am more than pleased with his treatment, but there was something that gained my full respect and thanks because of the arrangements made to my resume. I received more than 7 official offerings in USAJOBS, two in AVEUCENTRAL and one in CLEARANCE JOBS. I've told my family and friends how pleased I was with the deal and the work of Bruce. I'm really grateful to you." 
V. Diaz (SGT/E-5, US Army, Military Police)

"Bruce was a pleasure to work with throughout the entire process of just under two weeks, from initial contact to the creation of a professional resume. From the initial contact, I walked away knowing Bruce was going to provide the necessary care and attention required in generating a resume that would open doors for employment. The communication was constant throughout the process, which provided me comfort and predictability. I used the resume Bruce created and in less than 30 days I have received numerous employment offers from various large and medium size defense contracting companies, ranging from CONUS to OCONUS locations. I conducted two telephone interviews and one face-to-face interview. I also received an offer from one company and I am expecting another offer for an assignment to Europe. I have also attended seven jobs fairs in the National Capital Region and have always received compliments on the format of the resume and length. It is true when they say that recruiters/hiring managers spend on average six to ten seconds reviewing a resume prior to moving on to the next resume. Bruce ensured my qualifications were highlighted at the top to grab the attention of respective recruiters/hiring managers, which worked extremely effectively. Bruce, thank you for all of the help you have provided me! You made this retiring veteran a more confident man in transitioning from the military to a civilian environment. Knowing I have options is a great relief to my family."  
P. Santiago (SFC/E-7, US Army, Retired, CI Agent)

"Battlefield resumes wrote an amazing resume for me and I got the job!!! I highly recommend for anyone out there needing a new resume, or to have your old resume updated to go thru battlefield resume. It's well worth it and it will give your resume a boost to the the top of the pile and an advantage against your competitors. I would recommend this company to everyone who is trying to get a job in this competitive market. Thank you battlefield resumes!!!"
Michele B. (Respiratory Therapist, Johns Hopkins Hospital)

"I want to recommend, with highest regard, the services provided by Bruce at Battlefield Resumes, LLC. He patiently worked with me through a hectic schedule, when I was sporadically available. He was also able to help me understand the importance of speaking the language of an industry and not just writing facts, which highlights the significant difference between career achievement versus merely doing a job. If you are searching for a resume service that pays attention to your professional goals and pursuits, and that is articulate enough to help clients write a resume that shows their professional best, worthy of emulation, then Battlefield Resumes, LLC is an essential tool for your professional and career enhancing needs."
Stephanie-Anne F. (US Army, CI Special Agent) 

"I contacted Bruce to assist me with my Federal Government retirement transition, job searching and resume assistance. Bruce's efforts directly contributed to me being contacted immediately and offered a position by a private Defense Contractor. I definitely recommend Bruce's services to make anyone's work transition stress-free."
R. Possanza (SES, NCIS, Retired, Federal Job Series 1811)

"I can only say thanks Bruce for all your help.  Having over twenty-five years of law enforcement, counterintelligence and security experience, I thought it would be very easy to submit a resume to current jobs and obtain interest from companies. Wow, was I wrong! I was hesitant at first to use a resume strategist but I was not getting responses from companies with my personally written resume. I submitted my resume to numerous jobs on indeed, clearance jobs, LinkedIn and other local sites. I received two responses over an eight month period and finally realized I needed help. I was referred to Bruce Benedict and what a difference a professional resume strategist makes. My resume looked great to me and would have been perfect if I was hiring myself. I spoke with Bruce over the phone and submitted my resume to him. He immediately reviewed my resume and we worked on it together and within two days I realized I had top notch resume. My resume went from a weak product to a very professional resume. That night I submitted my resume to a position I had previously applied to in Reston, VA and I was shocked to get a call from the company the following day. That’s right, one day later I had a job offer from a company that I had applied six months earlier. The only difference was that I previously submitted my personally prepared resume and I never heard from the company. With Bruce’s assistance, I not only got a job offer from the company but I was offered a salary that I was not expecting.  Another great thing about using Bruce Benedict is he constantly checks in with you and his assistance and advice does not stop when he completes your resume. He cares about the people he helps and does not forget about his clients.  Thanks again Bruce!!!”
J. Bracket (NCIS, Retired, Federal Job Series 1811)

"Bruce, and his company Battlefield Resumes has been a pleasure to work with in helping my transition process from 20+ years as an enlisted Sailor. His down to earth candor and rapid responses to questions really puts your mind at ease and helps with understanding the job market and the challenges of navigating the complexities of the hiring process. His resume product and experience guides you in developing a resume that is not a cut and past from an application notice, but and accurate portrait of accomplishments tailored to outline your ability's while tailoring the language to tackle both the application process as well as the interview! Do not hesitate to give him a call! Thank you Bruce!"
D. J. Morris, (CPO/E-7, USN, Retired)

"Bruce, I just wanted to thank you for the flawless resume you built for me. I need to thank you for the interviewing techniques as well. Because of the additional services you provide, such as networking with numerous intelligence agencies and actively helping your clients with their consent, I now have a post-Army career job that will be exciting, and professionally fulfilling. I now have a bright future in the IC and on behalf of my family, you have our deepest gratitude! I will continue to promote your total resume service and what you've done for me Best Regards."
J. Johnson (MAJOR/0-4, US Army, Retired, CI Agent)

"For those interested in the quality, accuracy and attention to detail I recommend Mr. Bruce Benedict to draft a professional Curriculum Vitae (CV) and provide guidance and feedback along the way.Communication is key to Mr. Benedict's performance as he does not remain austere and aloof from the client but rather engages them in a direct and professional manner and produces quality work in a very timely fashion.  It is clear that he has a strong portfolio and he is ready to provide and present examples assuring privacy is met.I asked Mr. Benedict to develop a CV for a colleague of mine with a specialized skill set and he drew from them the questions and answers necessary for him to put a professional narrative together for the interviewer or job seeker to find. If given the opportunity I would work with Mr. Benedict again and have no problem pointing people his way to assist them in their goals."
Nino Abstract Consulting, LLC (USMC)

"Prior to working in the CI/HUMINT world I was a personnel director for a Fortune 500 company.  Since my responsibilities included hiring new employees, over the years I’d read thousands of resumes and felt I knew what a quality resume should look like.  When I recently decided to update my resume I felt confident in my writing ability; however, I decided to contact Bruce for a second opinion.  The advice and changes he provided to the format and wording provided me with a new definition of an outstanding resume. In today’s job market the resume is an important part of the recruiting process because it is usually the first and often times lasting impression of who you are to a potential employer.  This is where Bruce is an expert; he began by having a conversation with me to determine my skills, goals, and type of job I was searching for.  His experience in the CI/HUMINT field as well as his resume writing skills enabled him to help me develop a professional looking resume that succinctly highlighted my skills while targeting the type of job I was looking for.   I wholeheartedly recommend Bruce and feel confident that he can help you improve your resume to get the job you are looking for.  You have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Thanks Bruce!"
H. Williams (GG13, Federal Job Series 0132, US Army Cyber CI)

"I was hesitant to hire Battlefield Resumes, LLC despite the positive reviews. I spoke with the owner at several different times for over a year before I finally accepted his service. I had several things happening at the same time, so my resume re-write was delayed, but Bruce was very patient with me until I was able to answer his questions. He knows what he is doing, and when he asked me for clarification I did my best to provide him with specifics. The key is to work directly with your resume writer if you want a great product. Upon completion of my resume and cover letter I was completely blown away by what Bruce could do with my random qualifications, skills, experiences, and education. As I read through the completed products I could only say one word - wow - over and over. It is hard to impress me, but without a doubt Battlefield Resumes did just that. Thank you, Sir!"
David Smith B., PhD (US Army CI Special Agent, CI Analyst and HUMINT Source Handler)

Words cannot express how thankful I am to have found Bruce and been given the opportunity to benefit from his expertise. Thanks to his brilliance, I am currently employed in a job I love. There is no better feeling than being excited and happy to go to work every day. I would not have had this opportunity without his expertise and assistance. As a job seeker, it is imperative to have a strong resume that sets you apart from others. Bruce's experience and supreme resume writing abilities makes that happen. I would wholeheartedly recommend Bruce to anyone in need of resume and interview preparation, or any of the other key services that he offers. He will go above and beyond to help you land your dream job. 
B. Rizzo (TSgt/E-6, Intelligence Analyst)

"After serving 5 years in the US Army, I got out and used my benefits to go back to school and get a couple degrees. It was a few months before I graduated when I contacted Bruce. I spoke with Bruce on the phone and eventually sent him my resume. His review and notes were extremely helpful and he was very easy to contact when I had questions. Even though my only "real" job experience was my service in the military, he showed me how to properly present myself in my resume and the changes were dramatic. A couple months ago, I accepted a position with the US Navy Acquisition Development Program. I am convinced I wouldn't have been offered the position without Bruce's help. I encourage anyone looking for a job to contact Bruce regardless of the type of job you are looking for. His help can and will make a difference. Thanks again Bruce"
M. Powell (SGT, US Army)

"Battlefield Resumes was recommended to me by my husband, who had sought Bruce's advice for two federal positions, and subsequently selected for interviews for both of those openings. I was impressed by Bruce's professionalism from the start; although I paid for a resume-writing service, I also received guidance on the entire application process. Bruce was always responsive to questions and timely, which was important, given my timeline of less than 96 hours. I started the process believing that I had a great resume, and was surprised to see it completely transformed throughout the process. Now that I understand how different the federal hiring process is, I am beyond grateful that for Bruce's guidance, without which I never would have made the cut (referred to the Hiring Manager). As of today, my resume has been selected and forwarded to the hiring manager for further consideration and interviews. I would highly recommend Battlefield Resumes to anyone who is serious about finding a federal job."
Judy L. (US Army All-Source Intelligence Analyst)

"Battlefield Resumes is an excellent place for veterans to go when they make that all important transition from the military to civilian life. Their expert understanding of my background and experience enabled me to use the terms and vernacular to make my resume competitive in the marketplace. As a result, I was able to gain employment with multiple companies in the public and private sector before agreeing to employment with a Fortune 500 company."
D. Pounder (LTC, US Army Special Agent)

"I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for all the help you provided me in writing my resume.  I attended three of your webinars "resume strategies", asked a few questions and it has paid off for me.  I had multiple interviews that resulted in three offers.  I accepted an offer and I am now employed by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) as an Aviation Safety Inspector (ASI) job field 1825."  
Daniel L (AMCS, US Navy, Retired)

"When I first decided I wanted to have a change on my career, I wanted to make sure I had a resume that not only highlighted my experience and accomplishments, but it also was tailored to the specific job I was seeking. After I did some research, I found [Bruce Benedict so I decided to give them a call. Obviously the résumé was one of the reasons I called, but the most important thing for me was to make sure the person I was going to hire was professional, understanding, and was always available whenever I and a question or doubt. That's when I meet Bruce and from the start I knew he was the professional resume writer I was looking for. Bruce was very professional, on time, but more importantly, he was always available for a phone call whenever I need to speak with him. The process was smooth, and when it came time to submit my job application, Bruce guided me through the process. Therefore, I am completely satisfied with the service Bruce provided and I will definitely recommend his' service to my colleagues and friends. Thank you, Bruce!" 
J. Baez (Border Patrol Agent, Federal Job Series 1896)
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