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BATTLEFIELD ADVISORS: We have a deep desire and passion to help military personnel and their spouses cross over the hurdle of transitioning into the civilian workforce. Certified Advisors understand the military lifestyle, have helped numerous veterans transition out of the military, and have led a successful civilian career. They are driven to make your transition more productive than others who have transitioned before you and certify their assistance to you before, during, and after your transition.
BATTLEFIELD RESUME WRITERS: As Certified Battlefield Resume Writers (aka: BATTLEFIELD HACKERS), we leverage our military knowledge and experience to help you decipher job announcements (aka: the battlefield). We use our military knowledge to help you "crack the code" on the Federal hiring process. We help you decipher the hiring process, analyze the job announcement, and develop a powerful winning strategy that will give you an advantage over other applicants! We help you develop a winning strategy. We look at the hiring process as a challenge, as our competition, and as a game we enjoy defeating!

We have embraced the Game; Learned the Game; Won the Game; and now want to Change the Game!